Running has been an interest in the past years for Indian culture. Every year many marathons are organized in the country. The managing team, participants and venue for the marathon makes this marathon perfect. Many renowned persons let it be celebrities or from corporate world take part in these marathons. Many marathons are conducted for a special cause and are successfully done. I think you should also try being a part of such marathons. So in the following article, I will be listing down Top 5 Marathons in India.
  1. Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

    The beautiful city Hyderabad is a growing destination for all runners.  They first started the marathon in the year 2011. The main mission for conducting the marathon is making Hyderabad an active city and making running as a preference for exercise. They conduct full marathon, half marathon and a 10k run. They give prizes for top three positions. As it is a non-profitable trust so, all the runs are done for a good and social cause.

  2. Pune International Marathon
    The Pune international marathon is held in Pune every year. The marathon is joined by many film stars, sports figure, business tycoons and many others. The runs which are conducted are Men’s half run, women’s half run, men’s full run, men’s 10k run, women’s 10k run, short celebrity run, and to name a few. The marathon is conducted for a social and good cause. The previous runs helped the people fighting with AIDS, HIV, Cancer and many other problems. You first have to register yourself and then take part in the run.
  3. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

    This marathon is conducted in Mumbai every year on the third Sunday of January. It is the largest marathon in Asia. You can take part in the marathon based on six categories like dream run, half marathon, full marathon, and senior citizens race, champions with disability category and also DHL corporate champions. Many famous personalities from the film industry, business tycoons, and athletes take part in this run. Here you can support the cause for which you want to run. According to that the NGO or social service will benefit. This marathon has huge prize money. Many people are a part of this worldwide.
  4. Goa River Marathon
    The Goa river marathon is held in Goa. The marathon is 42 kilometers. When you start running you will feel like running in the heaven due to the beauty of the road. The categories under you can take part are half marathon, 10k run and 5 k charity fun walk-run. The marathon is done to support the good cause. You have to register yourself in the marathon. After registering you will have time to practice because they conduct many trials runs before the main event.
  5. Kaveri Trail Marathon

    The Kaveri trail marathon is held in Karnataka. While you run the marathon you get to see the beauty of the Kaveri River, Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, and many other things. There are different divisions in which you can take part in the 10k run, half marathon and full marathon. Here you will have to pay the fees and register yourself for the marathon. Running in this marathon will not be just about completing the race but you will also see the beauty of Karnataka. If you want you can get training for running in the marathon.
So, guys if you want to support a good cause or want to try running in the marathon then register yourself today itself. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Thank you for reading and keep visiting for further topics.


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