Hygiene may not be considered as an illness to some, but it actually can lead to several illnesses and health conditions. For example, if you have poor oral hygiene it can lead to tooth decay and painful oral surgeries. Poor hygiene can also lead to skin issues including dry skin and cracking. If you are looking for ways to update your hygiene, remove chemicals, and make sure you avoid hygiene related health issues then consider the ways you can use aloe for hygiene.

Shaving Cream Alternative

Part of most people's hygiene is to shave. Legs, under arms, chest, and facial hair are all on the list for many people as part of a normal routine. The problem is that some of the store-bought shaving lotions and creams can dry the skin or cause red spots. The perfumes in them can also cause an odor issue when mixed with your own body chemistry. To avoid this, you can simply switch to aloe. You can mix this with coconut oil and use as you would normally use a shaving lotion, gel, or cream.

Mouthwash Alternative

Bad breath can be a sign of everything from poor oral care routines to illness or bacteria problems in the body. Regardless of the reason behind bad breath, the goal of most people is to use mouthwash daily, or several times a day, to cut down on bad breath. The over the counter mouthwash options can have a lot of alcohol or other ingredients that may be harmful to you for a variety of reasons. Instead, you can use aloe. You can use straight aloe juice as a mouth rinse. You can also step it up and mix it with water, peppermint or cinnamon oil to taste, and baking soda.

Deodorant Alternative

There are multiple reasons that an increasing number of people are staying away from traditional deodorant options. There are hundreds of DIY options and recipes to choose from, and that may confuse you or overwhelm you. Ideally, you just want something that will stop the bacteria growth that is causing the odor. This can simply be done with the antibacterial properties of aloe. If just using an aloe gel you can step up your game by creating an aloe based deodorant gel or cream with coconut oil and tea tree oil as well to totally cut down on the odor causing bacteria.

By using some of these methods, you can increase your proper hygiene routine. You can also notice changes in your body chemistry that may not be as noticeable with commercial chemical methods. 

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