Herbs Gardening — What, Why and How?

Herbs have existed since time immemorial and have served different purposes. They have been used to treat diseases and flavors of the kitchen; it was even believed that they had magical powers. Do you want to have your own herb garden? Here are some ideas on how to establish an herb garden.

Plan your garden.

Consider the herbs you want to plant. Think of your guys. Do you like annuals, biennials or perennials?

How much space will they occupy in your garden? If you wish, you can buy a book that gives you the correct information on what specific plants you plan to grow.

List or draw your garden on paper first. Separate the annuals from the perennials, so that when the time comes that you have to remove them, it will not bother the perennials. Perennial plants can be planted on the edge of your garden so that when the time comes to grow your garden you are not in danger of being dug up.

Another thing to remember is that you have to plant the tall ones in the back and the lower ones in the front. Also, provide your plants with enough space to grow. The proper position will help you in this area.

If you prefer to keep the herbs outside your garden (and some are quite invasive) you could have pots of herbs. These are large containers with three or more outlets for herbs. Fill the pot until the first exit and plant before continuing with the filling and planting process. In general, the grass that requires the greatest amount of water is planted in the lower orifice, while the variety that requires less, goes in the highest hole.

Some design ideas

You can consider having a square herb bed. You can divide your square bed into four by two paths that intersect at the midpoint and measure 3 feet. You can skirt it with stone or brick. A wooden staircase can also do the trick. You can place it in your garden and plant your herbs between its rungs. You can also choose to have a car wheel bed. Planting here is like planting with wooden stairs. Plant your herbs between the wedges of the cartwheel.

Get your plants to grow

Of course, different plants have different needs, but many of them require alkaline soil. This is the reason why you should determine the herbs you want to plant in the planning stage. This can help you more or less to discover how you should care for your plants. If you germinate your seed herbs, remember to follow the instructions in the package for soil, watering, and temperature.

Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. It should only provide effective drainage, sunlight, moisture or sufficient moisture and fertile soil. Even if these requirements are met minimally, they will be forced to produce a good harvest.

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