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What's up guys, stick around here back with another awesome interesting different kind of a golden article, which I wanted to do for quite some time. Finally, here it is a special post which will help you with your travel. When we want to travel. Sometimes, we do want to carry some handy and useful stuff that we use at home.

But that won't be possible always. Sometimes due to space constraints. What if I show you some amazing tech and non-tech products/gadgets, that I personally use during my travel that you can fold and carry along, saving tonnes of space? Sounds interesting, right? Well, this cool tech post is all about incredible foldable and here it is.

Special Foldable Gadgets for Travelling on Amazon—

1. Mini Foldable Iron box  

EAYIRA Foldable Compact Flat Temperature Control Handheld Steam Plastic Iron (18x7.5x9.5 cm, White)
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The highlight is... it's a steam iron and on top, it's foldable just press one button and you can fold the handle altogether making it flat and easy to carry. It's super small and well built. It fits in my palm.

  • Your other dimensions to give you an idea. 18CM x 8CM x 10CM and after Folding its Around 10.5CM x 5CM. 
  • Coming to the cord it's sturdy and it's five feet in length. 
  • You can use it as a normal iron or remove the handle which doubles up as a small tank to fill in with water using the cup in the box and you have a steam iron ready to use. 
  • It has four modes for wool, cotton, linen, synthetic silk to choose based on your clothes, also has auto cut off to prevent overheating.

We cannot get an iron board with us, right? Let's design a small base. You can use it on any flat surface even on the floor to do that quick ironing. Apart from the iron and the retail box, you get a manual and a measuring cup, all for just round up. Rs. 699/- definitely an impressive foldable iron box that can come in handy for you during travel.

2. Foldable Mini Electric Travel Kettle  

Ketisa Travel Foldable Dual Voltage Food Grade Silicone Boil Dry Protection Electric Kettle (Multicolour)
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Traditional kettles are kind of hard to carry given that they are usually space-occupying. But this just folds and carries with these... awesome right!!!

The builders top-notch it's made of plastic in our base stainless steel and the center storage is full grade silicone which can withstand heat up to 230 degrees. The capacity of this 600 ml. The front bottom you have the ON/OFF button with an LED indicator. The bottom base is detachable so it's easy to use.

I mean once you hit what's inside, you can carry it around without hassle. To give you an idea Its 17CM height, when it's unfolded, and when it's folded, Its 8.5CM. There's like the Iron Fits in my palm.

Water, milk tea, instant coffee. Even Maggie for those emergency situations, you can use it for all. being 600watts, it gets quickly heated in about 4 minutes and also has the inbuilt auto-cutter feature.

The box comes with the kettle, a manual and a nice carry bag. Over all around Rs. 1299/- definitely, an impressive foldable kettle that can come in handy for you during travel.

3. USB Pendrive Wristband

Quace 16 GB Wrist Band Fancy USB Pen Drive
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Just a plain wristband... Well, you can unfold a band and it's a USB Pendrive, Fold and connected back and you can use it as a band and easy to carry Pendrive in your wrist. Just fold, attach and you have a cool band in your wrist which also doubles up as a Pendrive nice right?

The build is good Amanda soft silicone apart from using it as relevant right if you use an OTG adapter. You can carry movies, songs, whatever and enjoy them on the go on your smartphone. What I have here is the 16 GB model you get them in 32 GB and more as well also comes in multiple colors on Rs. 475/-, A good one to own or a gift.

4. Super Cool Foldable Light 

Loopan 2 in 1 Pop Up LED Lantern and Flashlight Multifunctional Portable Foldable Light with Hanging Handle for Camping Tent Hiking Fishing Multicolor
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Check out the mini foldable led lantern. This is a pretty interesting light you get a handle on the top to carry if needed are hanging somewhere... overall is good.

All plastic and guess what? It's water-resistant. Now to the bottom, there's a compartment to pop in three AA batteries, pop them in and you're all set. Then rotate and unfold it. It just unfolds into a lantern and uses the button at the bottom to turn it on. You have a bright cool lamb ready to use.

  • You have three modes: Bright light, the medium and flashing light mode.
  • Your other dimensions: 12CM when it's unfolded and 4.5CM folded.

Apart from using it as a lantern, you can use it as a torch as well when it's folded, super handy feature it's bright enough this definitely will be a handy one during travel, camping tracking and use cases more given that it's portable for just Rs. 299/- definitely an impressive foldable engine grabs one for personal use or considers it as a gift.

5. Foldable Cup

Baskety Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup - Silicone Folding Camping Cup with Lids - Expandable Drinking Cup Set - BPA Free, Portable, Graduated (Green)
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Next is a must-have one during travel. Check out this awesome foldable cup with lid expand and you have a cup ready to use. This is a drinking cup which is made of high-quality food-grade BPF Silicon. This costs around Rs. 299/-

Highlights apart from the foldable part are it has a lid, unlike many others which don't. This lid comes in handy during those emergency situations where you have to rush to places while grabbing your coffee or tea. The capacity is 200 ml instead of using paper cups, plastic cup, Like this you can carry with you and use it for your own safety and convenience.

This cup can withstand heat up to 480 degrees as for what it claims. awesome your other dimensions when it's unfolded 9Cm and 2.5CM when its folded. Frankly, it's super compact in the hand.

Well, if I have to see it the size of the Godwin folder is as compact as a 75-gram Odonil room freshener pack. Yep, crazy but true. Another exclusive section comparison.

Jeval Portable Silicone Removable Bottle Foldable Bottle Riding Bottle Outdoor Travel Drinking Folding Sport Drink (1, Purple)
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Coming back in case you want to have a steel version of this year's one, which I've already featured in one of my secondary post, cool foldable steel tumbler. This costs around Rs 250. It's a nice one which you can attach to your bag pans. It's a drop to carry around as it as a hope.

And if you want to carry water juice, it's a truck your The perfect companion the foldable water bottle which to feature already in one of my second videos, this is the silicon water bottle capacity of this is 550 ml when expanded like the cup. This is also made of wood grade silicone you have an aluminum cap and a hook which would be handy to attach to your bag, etc. The size of the bottle can be adjusted as per your need for around Rs. 499 definitely an impressive and handy one during travel. So affordable water bottle and affordable cup. These are kind like master ones during travel or even better to give someone who travels a lot.

6. Foldable Toothbrush

Dr. Flex Travel Foldable Soft Toothbrush with Cap Cover with Anti Bacterial Containers - Pack of 4
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Next to something you cannot miss to carry during travel. Can you guess a toothbrush, a foldable toothbrush from Dr flex? What I have here is a two-pack. You also get them in for if you want to grab them for the entire family.

The brushes come in this nice antibacterial container. And here it is medium bristles. Nice plastic Well, nothing much to talk here. It's kinda like a normal toothbrush. But the cool thing is you can fold it and easily carry around. That's the highlight. Not only that the folding also protects the brush from insects etc. When you leave it in the bathroom.

Dimensions when it's folded 18.5CM and when it folded 10.5CM. and the cost is Rs. 199/- you get two brushes a super helpful one during travel.

7. One Pocket Saloon Set 

EVANA Plastic 5 in1 Pocket Knife Shaped Foldable Salon Travel Non-Slip Grip Hairdresser Folding Hair Comb
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Next, it is something interesting to make you look good when we travel. The main thing that goes out of control is our hair. Well!!! check out the spine one pocket saloon set, This set comes as a savior for all those beauty princes and princesses who also conscious about their hair. And here it is super small fits in my hand. Where is all plastic wants a premium, it's okay. Can't expect much for Rs.166/-.

  • It has three combs with different teeth intensity for different types of hair and to detangle the teeth smooth and pinch-free.
  • There's also a mirror that you can use for the Emergency Situations this comes that definitely helps you on the move, just fold and you can carry it around. with these, for just rupees 166 It's a handy one to own that can make you look cool. 

So that's it. What about a special product? If you want one special and affordable special product.
You guys want one? Let me bring in something interesting.

8. Foldable Beverage Dispenser 

Luvina 5.5ltr Collapsible Beverage Container Drink Dispenser – 2 Gallon Large Plastic Portable for Outdoor Picnics Parties and More for Adults and Kids –Random Color Send
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Check out the super awesome beverage dispenser. This is a portable foldable container. The pack has two units one stand and the dispenser when it's folded it small and when you unfold


You have a container to store up to 5.5 liters of anything that you want? Water Juice, soda drinks or any sort of liquid. The built is made of BPA free plastic so it's safe to use. You have a Tap in the front and a handle at the top, two easily carried around the stand helps you to place it on any surface.

This container is a perfect one for our travel, car rides, family outing, picnics, etc. Another cool thing to notice let's assume you're going on a long trip just fill it with your favorite beverage. freeze it. Yep, you can freeze it as this container is safe to freeze and enjoy a cold drink on the moon ones over just fold and easily carried back comes in different colors. It's easy to clean as well with a wet sponge. The cost around Rs. 474/- definitely handy.

So that's it for this special blog of cool tech featuring some amazing foldable gadgets and products that can help you with your travel. I hope you guys liked these suggestions if you did just smash that like button. And don't forget to share this article with your friends who want to buy it.


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