If you are interested in natural and holistic health, then you might have thought about using healing crystals. This involves using a variety of different gemstones, usually in their raw form though not always, and removing negative energy from your body. Similar to acupuncture, they are placed on certain parts of the body to remove all of that negative energy. Here are some different types of healing crystals you can use.


One of the more popular healing crystals to try out is amethyst. This is also included in the beginner crystals, which can be placed on your body to remove negative energy, placed in your pocket, worn on a necklace chain, or even rubbed in your hands. Amethyst provides some excellent health benefits, including helping to reduce fatigue and help you sleep, relieve headaches, and improving your skin.


Another good beginner healing crystal that can be used for holistic health is quartz. There are also different types of quartz with other health benefits. The main benefits of quartz are easing anxiety and helping with mental issues like stress and irritability. You can also get rose quartz, which is best for emotional imbalance and fatigue. 


If you can find bloodstone, which is a little harder to find, you can use it for improving your circulatory system. Many stones don’t provide this benefit, so it is always good to have. With bloodstone, you can help prevent or reduce the severity of colds and various other illnesses. Bloodstone is also good for balancing out your blood pressure.


Opal is a beautiful translucent crystal gemstone that is perfect for improving your imagination, inspiration, and creativity. If you are an artist or looking for ways to be more creative, adding opal to your healing crystals is a great way to go. As an added benefit, opal can also help with headaches and various PMS symptoms.


Citrine is a greenish-yellow crystal that is great for your mental health. With citrine in your hands or placed near your head, you can spark creativity and give your memory and concentration a nice boost. 

You can also look at beginner crystals for certain ailments, such as using blue jade and amber for asthma, garnet, rose quartz and sunstone for fatigue, and moss agate or green aventurine for Crohn’s disease.

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